Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2 minutes

We officially have over two minutes of rough animation done. Rough. I'm the cleanup guy, so that means I have a lot of work to do. For those of you unsure of what "cleanup" does, its really where I come in and give definite lines to JJ's primary animation and then I add in some secondary animation. What is the difference between Primary and secondary animation you say?

Well, imagine someone turning around quickly to swipe with a sword. The general turning around movement, and the movement of the sword would be considered primary animation. But if that was all that moved, it would look a bit stale right? That's where secondary animation comes in. The movement of the character's hair, and small details in the clothes, those would be considered secondary animation (as far as I know).

It can get pretty time consuming too! Originally I thought things were taking long to clean up because I was doing some of the tougher, more full bodied sequences. But I'm realizing that we have a lot of complex shots that need some very specific details to make them read well. So....uh....yeah, we have a long way to go. The project runs about 7 minutes so you do the math.

God help me.

Oh and for those of you interested, the SURPRISE will be going up this weekend. It WILL BE GOING UP. It is all done and ready, I just need to throw it on the page. Wonderful. Tell your friends.

Stay Frosty

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Media Update

Yeah. It's Sunday again and I forgot to post a media update. Sorry guys! I got something pretty cool this week though. I just figured out compositing in ToonBoom, so now I can export full res still shots.

This is sequence02, scene37. Does that mean anything to anyone? Probably not. But that's what it is! This also has a temp background in it, in addition to the rough drawings that I've done. Maybe I can talk Matt into inking/coloring for next week so you can see what it will look like in the film.

Anyway, I hope this holds you over until my next post of sexiness!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad news for you guys

So you know that thing I keep promising you guys? Well, it's locked away in my hard drive. I can't find the DAMN power cord for my Maxtor hard drive and thus I am unable to deliver it. Rest assured we have all Hammerfists looking into the situation in order to try and get our "SPECIAL PRESENT" for you guys. It's a damn shame, really.

Anyway, production is in full swing and I've begun to do clean-up on JJ's primary animations. Maybe in a future post we'll put up some comparison shots of what JJ give me, and what I put out. And I put out a lot. Of animation. Hopefully.

On the music front we have some very nice options so far, but we are still trying to see if we can get some orchestrated pieces. It's a big task to tackle (not to mention expensive), but we think that it would be worth it and fitting to the Hammerverse. So...if any of you know some discount orchestras that we can commission, feel free to drop us a line!

All that being said, this project is still tons of fun! JJ is really working his ass off and I need to catch up. Unfortunately I have other school obligations that keep me away from the lab more than I would like-not to mention it's nice to sleep in my own bed every once in a while and have a nice hot shower in the morning. Hope you guys are enjoying the updates and once again I apologize that our "SPECIAL SURPRISE" has been delayed so long.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good news, everybody!

Hey guys!
I know I missed the Saturday media post, but I was really wrapped up animating... and watching Star Trek... Oops! Anyway, I threw something cool together for you, to give everyone an idea of where we are in terms of animation!

Enjoy tomorrow's holiday everyone!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The way things work...

Hey all,
Just a little update for you guys about updates!

Matt and I spoke and since it looks like we're actually getting hits we came to a sort of... structure for the blog. Of course, things are probably going to be changed/fudged, but here's the general layout:

During the week, Matt and I will each post at least once, usually just some kind of funny story about production, saying we hit a landmark, etc. Word-stuff.

Saturday nights will be the nights to look for, because that is when we will be posting the cool stuff. If we've got a trailer, it'll show up on a Saturday night. If no video, then definately some kind of media. Sound clips, pictures, music sample. All that stuff.

So! Now you know when to be looking out for stuff! I think this Saturday would be a good day to start checkin for big stuff! (I've got nothing now... but I'll think of something!)

On a little note, Matt and I are speaking to people about music now. I hope to know where the music will be coming from by next Thursday.

Until next time,


Monday, January 14, 2008

Back together again!

Hey guys! I just got back from a meeting with JJ tonight. Yes, that means that we are both officially back from our winter breaks. That means much more content more often for you guys. I know it's been 10 days since the last update, but things are speeding up. I know I always say that, but I really mean it this time. In fact, I think you can all look forward to updates at least once a week, most likely two from now on.

Tomorrow or the day after we will have a special video for all of you to check out. So come back then and bask in the youtube goodness. And yes, it IS Hammerfist related. I think you will all like it.

Well, I know this is a short update but just stay with us.

Here's a small preview to hold you over...

Yeah, it's a bit crude...but you will all find out why in about two days!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wait....there are that many of you?

Well, it has come to my attention (at 5 in the morning) that there are actually people checking this site. I know that kind of sounds odd for a creator to say about his own website, but I honestly did not think there were too many people checking this page out (aside from a couple friends). But recently it has been brought to my attention by a few people that David Hammerfist actually does INTEREST them.

Whoda thought?

Anyway, I decided that given this new knowledge I should go ahead and tell all you incoming people that there is much much more to come. Now that the storyboarding phase is over, we will have a lot more material to show. I am also working on some EXCLUSIVE material for this blog as well. So basically this a post to tell you guys to STAY WITH US and be patient. Tell your friends! Link to us! And if you do link to us, send JJ or me your site and we'll post it here!

As for that cool little thing I promised for after New Years? It's still coming, I just do not have direct access to it right now at this moment. So its coming.....promise.

Oh, and Happy (belated) New Year!

P.S. Tell us what you guys think so far.