Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey guys! Long time no talk-er uh, blog?

Well I know that JJ and I have really let the site go and there hasn't really been anything substantial done here in a while. However, JJ and I have been working on the next Hammerfist adventure. It'll be a lot shorter, but a lot sweeter! Rest assured, it'll be way over the top and out of this world. JJ and I have been honing our skills (JJ with Drawing and storytelling and me with the organization and storytelling).

We may both have full time jobs, but I promise you its the type of job that can only help Hammerfist. But enough talk about the NEXT HAMMERFIST, what about the ORIGINAL, AMAZING, 2008 short film HAMMERFISTS OF FURY!?

Well my friends, check out the whole film below.

ENJOY GUYS! A tell us what you liked! (And didn't like)