Sunday, August 10, 2008

A REAL media update!

Hey kids! So after months I finally got my act together and decided to actually post a media update! I debated whether to post photos or post drawings this time around, but I figured that photos would make for a more interesting update. In the next weeks I think we'll post some production art. Some early concepts for McCarthy and for the long lost Major Hammerfist. Anyhoo, here's the update!

So, way back in September, when Matt and I decided to use the Griffith Observatory, we went on a field trip for inspiration... and to figure out what the damned thing looks like. This is a picture of the lovely Matthew Mahoney approaching the set of our film.

Next up is Mr. Mahoney over looking Los Angeles. Nothing really clever or funny to say about this one....

Here's a better shot of Matthew, overlooking the city, thinking about how to stage our epic sky battle.

So, once we did our little field trip, Mahoney and I got hard to work! We worked so hard that we werent photographed until April, when Kaitrin snapped these photos of the elusive Hammerfist creators, as well as a member of their pack.

Captured in this photo is the lovely Lis, who saved our ass with the help of Kiki, who is in an upcoming picture. Together they colored over half the film. That's a pretty stingy estimate. It was closer to 3/4.

You might ask "I see the helpers, but where are Matt and JJ?"

You see, it might LOOK like I'm sleeping, but I'm in a state of super focused telepathic animating. Really. I'm not sleeping.

By the way, over my left shoulder is Kiki, the other essential member of Team Hammerfist. The young lady who took these photos, Kaitrin, also helped in the saving of our film, but since she took the pics she's not in any of them. Krom.

But wait! An update from the ever so hard working animator!

Egads! His feet moved!

Anyway, the film was "finished" for screening, even though it was still an unpolished mess. Matt and I spent the next month of our lives polishing up all the mistakes that come when you rush to make a deadline.

In this time the wonderful and immensely talented Corey Eccles did our sound design. Unfortunately, I lost all the photos from when we went to POP Sound in Santa Monica! All I have are Corey's. So, here they are!

First up is a shot of Nick and Dante, our sound mixers. Nick is a stud. He worked 3 hours extra at no charge. We still need to hook him up with a DVD... crap.

Here's a shot of the directors, hard at work. Look at us, all prettied up. Matt with his Vegetta shirt, me with *shudder* brushed hair!

One of the nifty things about POP Sound is that they feed you. I got Meatloaf! It rocked.

After lunch, hard at work again.

After lunch, people who are actually working hard. This is Nick working on the final stretch of the film.

And so there you have it! A photo-history of the production of David Hammerfist. If any more pictures pop up, I'll post them and fill in the gaps. I hope you guys enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I did.

Next week, I'll post some kind of drawings. I'm not sure if it'll be concept art or just Hammerfist art I've done since. Maybe Matt will have a better idea! Find out next week, here at!

Until then,