Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally! A POSITIVE update!

Folks! I've got some great news!

But before that, some bad news, since everybody seems to like the bad news first. "David Hammerfist: Hammerfists of Fury" will not be playing at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

We also wont be playing at AFI Dallas.

We're still waiting to hear about the Sonoma International Film Festival, but we're not holding our breath. Acceptances were supposed to go out yesterday and we havent heard anything yet, so yeah...

But, for those of you living in a Facebook-less box or for those of you who missed my text message blast last night, there is good news! On Friday night, "David Hammerfist: Hammerfists of Fury" played to an exhilarated audience at the Beverly Hills Shorts festival. Although we didnt win the Judge's Award, the people spoke on our behalf and gave us the Audience Award for the Animation block!

I'll post some photos from the festival at a later date. I just wanted to tell everyone the great news!

So yeah! Check back later this week and we should have some pictures up! I'll also write a longer post about the animation block, as well as some of the other films we saw there. But until then!