Sunday, September 30, 2007

Introducing...JJ *cheers!*

Howdy all!

I'm JJ, the other half of this insane project. I'm sitting at my desk, my arms weaved through DVD boxed for movies/shows that I've watched over the last few days as research for this movie. Most of them have sword play it them, so I dunno what kind of teaser that'll be for you guys. Just know that what I've got boarded now is impossible to animate cause it's really cool, so we'll probably end up trying to do it anyway!

Matt's covered all the basics: the history, what we're up to, etc. Like he said, we're boarding still, but he didnt quite mention that we had the boards finished, but realized they sucked. We pitched our problem to the class, and voila, two more weeks of storyboarding! It's freeking sweet though. You'll see in May.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to my life for the next year

Hello, and welcome to the official blog for David Hammerfist! This is the first post, so I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Matthew M. and this is a blog for my thesis project that I am collaborating with JJ on. Both of us are animation majors at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. This blog will basically be a production diary for both JJ and me. So you can expect pictures and maybe even video to get thrown up here.

A bit of back story on David Hammerfist..... David originated as my sophomore roomate who had dreams of saving planes from terrorists and saving buses full of orphans. Knowing that it was a great concept, I took some of those ideas and compiled them into the first film "David Hammerfist in the Final Countdown." It was my second film here at LMU and while a bit shoddy in the animation itself, it was rendered and colored pretty well, not to mention had a great lead voice actor that gave life to David.

So now it's two years later and JJ and I are revisiting Hammerfist and making a sequel of sorts. David Hammerfist: Hammerfist of Fury (tentative title) is a re-visioning of the chracters, the world and the absurdity that is David Hammerfist. This new film will stand by itself, but for those familiar with the original, they will find some nice easter eggs.

If you haven't seen the first film, perhaps I'll post the original here for everyone to watch. We are literally right in the middle of pre-production and are almost done with the storyboards. Once that is done, we will be animating in Toon Boom Digital Pro. So far JJ has taken the grunt of the storyboards, but once we get into animation/coloring, a lot will fall to my hands and it'll even out. Hopefully JJ will introduce himself soon enough since he has had just as much (even more, perhaps) influence on the David Hammerfist mythos as me! Fun, yes? Well, it will be. Talk to you all later!