Friday, February 27, 2009


Rise and Shine ladies and gentlemen!

Get ready for David Hammerfist to take Beverly Hills Shorts by storm! JJ and I are SUPER excited for today and we hope to see all of you (even you "Maybes") at the showing!!

To clarify for all of you. The Animation blick STARTS at 6pm. Now, Hammerfists of Fury might be AT 6, or it may not be (they honestly have not told us the order). So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to get there early and grab your ticket for $10. JJ and I have met a lot of the filmmakers and we encourage everyone to stay for the rest of them....but we understand if you have obligations. No one will think less of you if you have to leave right after.

But seriously, some of the other films are great (we've seen a few of them already)!

So come on out and watch David in his new and improved adventure in good old HI-DEFINITION on a BIG SCREEN! and

Also, if any of you have been curious as to whether my good looks come from my mother or my father, they will be in attendance and you can compare (*hint* it might be both...)

Feb. 27th 6PM
Fine Arts Theatre
8556 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

$10 for animation
$50 for the whole damn festival


Monday, February 9, 2009

Good News Everyone!

We got into a festival!

Just when you start to lose hope, a shining light comes down from the heavens!

David Hammerfist: Hammerfists of Fury, will be one of the seven animated short films showing at the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival which runs from February 27th-March 1st.

More specifically, you can catch Hammerfists of Fury in the animation block that begins at 6pm on the 27th! Exciting isn't it? I urge all of you to come out and see the film. admission is only $10 to see one block of short films, and if you want to see every block of the festival-drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, etc.- then it'll cost you a cool $50. Not much when you think about it. Movie tickets are $12 nowadays so $50 to watch 61 quality short films is a deal!

What's that? You say you've already seen Hammerfists of Fury and that this isn't worth your time? Well my good friend, that is where you are WRONG. You see, JJ and I, being the perfectionists we are, have once again cracked open the Hammerfiles and are tweaking a couple of scenes. Not many, but there were a few scenes that pissed us off everytime we watched the film so we have gone back to the drawing board on a couple of those and made them look nice and spiffy!

So yeah. come see

Fine Arts Theatre
8556 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Feel Free to go to The Beverly Hills Shorts Website for more information. Or just go here to directly buy tickets online

Oh and there is some more great news!

We finally got an IMDB page up! So go check that out and give us a good rating if you have seen the film!