Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Logo

Oh my god that is hot.

So JJ and I are compiling what will be for lack of a better term, the "festival cut" of HoF. It's not really going to change between now and...well....ever. I hope that we can cobble together a trailer soon.

One thing all of you can look forward to is seeing both JJ and I at Comic-con. No, we don't have a booth, but we'll be around so drop us a line of you want to talk with us and maybe if you're REALLY REALLY nice we'll show you some Hammerfist stuff....maybe.

Anyway, I'm going to try and update this page as much as possible, but for the foreseeable future there will not be much going on here. But by no means though are we done yet.

-Matthew & JJ

Monday, June 2, 2008

Update time!

Well, not much of an update. We're in this really obnoxious phase where we think we're done, but then we watch through the film and notice "Damn! David's hand isn't colored in frame 23 of seq03_scn21." So, we go to fix it, watch it again, and notice ten more things.

So, I guess I'll tell you about my day. I went to the premiere of a movie I interned on, and it was awesome. I then watched the season premiere of my favorite show ever, "The Venture Bros." It was amazing.

Oh! I've also been doodling some versions of David and Steve in different style, in preparation for my portfolio. Yes my friends, I plan to get a job one day... Anyhoo, if Matt approves, maybe those'll show up next week, since there's not much media-wise to post....

Tomorrow we have a meeting with Kathleen McInnis. She's the festival coordinator at LMU, and she's going to give us some advice about festivals. Hopefully, if the film's as sexy as everyone says it is, we'll be coming to a town near you! Assuming of course that there's a film festival in your town....

Anyway, I'm just procrastinating sleep at this point. Thanks for checking the blog, I hope I've held you over until we've got some juicy stuff! Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll have some festival info!


PS. I still feel wrong that we let a 3 1/2 year old watch "Hammerfists of Fury." It's really gorey....